About Us

Established by the professionals with years of experienced in the sector, PRODUCER NEPAL is a slow and steadily growing professional communication management company in Kathmandu Nepal. With a list of clients, Company has been effectively providing communication solutions as Film Line production And film equipment services. PRODUCER NEPAL has also done its share in providing communication support to a good number of social marketing product campaigns either directly or in association with strategic partners.

The company was established from a private sector. The mission of the company is divided into two parts, Making and Presenting. Either company makes the ad by themselves from the very first phase of concept development or simply the company takes the responsibility of only presenting the already prepared adverts. It also plays a mid role between the clients and media.

Located in Kathmandu, PRODUCER NEPAL buys time for an ad on the radio or on television or other various types of the communication media. The agency also provides services to its clients for the cost of producing the ads. Increasingly, company now is also working for providing the marketing solutions to the Clients. The fee arrangement pays for the time devoted to these larger marketing issues.

Produktionsmittel und der boden gehören personen oder unternehmen.

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